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Heat Pump Dehumidifier

The heat pump dehumidifier is a the most complex of the dehumidifier types; they usually have two sets of coils, a motor fan that moves air through it, a control panel and a water bucket or drain system. This type of dehumidifier cools incoming air close to the freezing point, so that moisture in the air is chilled to the point where condensation occurs on the first set of coils, which dries the air passing through the dehumidifier.



The condensation dripping off these coils is collected in a bucket or may be drained a to a floor drain. Then, the heat from the compressor is transferred back into the air, so it makes it somewhat warmer in the room. These types of the humidifiers are fairly expensive, and use a fair amount of electricity. Another drawback is that they might be noisy. However, they are relatively efficient, especially the "Energy Star" rated models.  These units also have a filter on them which is either replaceable or washable.  Yes, these types of dehumidifiers are very similar to the way an A/C unit functions.

Heat pump dehumidifiers can be fairly expensive and they can use a significant amount of electricity as well as being noisy. However, heat pump dehumidifiers are the preferred way to remove moisture from indoor air. Air conditioners also remove some moisture from the air, but newer units are not as effective in that role as older models since they focus on reducing air temperature, not removing water.