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Dehumidifying Ventilator

Another type of dehumidifier is a dehumidifying ventilator.  This works with an exhaust fan and sensor controller.  The sensor controller is adjusted to turn on when humidity rises to a predetermined level. This can be very effective in a basement. However, they're not effective in hot humid weather as they bring more humid air from outside into the house and increase indoor humidity levels.  Since these are whole house dehumidifiers, you'll notice they are quite a bit more than a good large-room dehumidifier.

A word of caution: A dehumidifying ventilator may depressurize your basement, which can cause combustion gas spillage from furnaces and hot water heaters. You should ensure that you have adequate venting for your gas furnace, water heater and even your wood-burning appliances, if you have one in the basement.  A carbon monoxide warning device is a very good idea if you have this type of dehumidifier.