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Chemical Absorbent Dehumidifier

One of the least expsensive types of the dehumidifiers on the market is the chemical absorbent dehumidifier.  This is best suited for hot and humid climates.  How does it work?  The chemical absorbent the meta-fires absorb moisture from the air with a desiccant which is a drying agent.  An example of this is silica gel.  The way this works is on a heat exchange wheel.  A separate air loop dries the desiccant in the wheel and exhausts the hot damp air outdoors through special ducting.

However, this type of dehumidifier may not be as consistent as the others, due to the variability of the absorbent material: if the material is very wet, then it will dehumidify at a much slower rate than when the material is almost dry.  However, chemical absorbent dehumidifiers do work very well in very hot and humid conditions.